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What To Do When Your Muscle Gains Are Too Slow

gain muscle mass

Everyone’s body processes food, exercise, and sleep in different ways, but we know our own bodies well and understand when there’s a change. If you’re struggling to gain muscle mass, It may not be an issue with your routine, diet, or age. Hormonal imbalances are one common cause of less than desirable results in the…

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Hormone Replacement Therapy – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Hormone replacement therapy

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is a type of treatment intended for those with hormone deficiency. It is often prescribed to rebalance the hormones and to treat menopausal related symptoms. BHRT can also reduce the risk of osteoporosis, a side condition that emerges due to menopause itself. Menopause is a natural biological process that occurs…

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Decreasing Andropause Symptoms With Testosterone Injections

testosterone injections

Andropause is a condition that can affect men who have a reduced level of the male hormone testosterone as they age. Andropause symptoms occur gradually and affect approximately one-third of the male population. Testosterone therapy (BHRT) is a treatment that helps to alleviate the symptoms of andropause through the use of testosterone injections and therefore…

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Men’s Health – What Is Andropause?

andropause SDBody

Hormonal changes naturally accompany the process of aging. In women, such a plunge in the hormonal levels past a certain age refers to menopause. Similarly, men have andropause, which is a collection of symptoms experienced by older men due to a decline in testosterone levels, diet, or concurrent illnesses. Andropause is also called male menopause.…

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Are You a Good Candidate for Bioidentical Hormones?

Bioidentical hormones

Bioidentical hormones are hormones that have a molecular structure identical to that of the natural hormones produced in our bodies. They are safer than the synthetic hormones available in the market. The main ingredient in the natural hormones is either plant, animal, or mineral, but these natural hormones may or may not be suitable for…

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