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Getting a Superhero Body and Other Recent Muscle Gain News

Getting a Superhero Body and Other Recent Muscle Gain News

Have you ever wished you could have the superhero body of an X-men star? Is it even possible for an average person without a celebrity trainer and bank account to achieve those kinds of muscle gains? Those were the questions that Bobby Palmer at GQ had for celebrity Jack Hanrahan. Hanrahan has trained many A-list celebrities including on the set of the film X-Men: Apocalypse.

According to Hanrahan, if you can create a workout structure with consistency built in, a superhero muscle gains are very accessible to the average gym-goer.

“Consistency is key,” he explains. “You need to create a workout structure you can be consistent with. Someone’s going to get way better results on two days a week in the gym consistently than going five days a week for three weeks then stopping.”

GQ Magazine: Can an average guy get a superhero body?

Hanrahan also suggests following a diet that has a lot of lean protein, even workouts for upper and lower body and aiming for three full-body workouts per week. He even includes four sample exercises anyone can add to their program.

Changing Your Grip Could be a Simple Way to Boost Muscle Gains

Trevor Thieme C.S.C.S. at Men’s Health Magazine reminds us that sometimes simple changes can result in new muscle gains. When you stop seeing new gains from the same exercises, you might think about changing your workout routines and exercises to create muscle confusion and address potential imbalances. But simply changing your grip on your favorite exercise can help you restart some new gains. Why does this work?

Even slight variations in hand position during a lift can totally change which muscles are targeted. Take the dumbbell curl, for example. Using the standard supinated grip targets your biceps, but if you rotate your hands 90 degrees to a neutral grip, the emphasis shifts to a different elbow flexor, the brachialis. If you rotate your hands 90 degrees again (to a pronated grip), you’ll target yet another elbow flexor, the brachioradialis.

Men’s Health Magazine: Get a Grip for Even More Workout Gains

Gaining Muscle with an Apple Watch

Are you an Apple Watch user? Graham Bower at Cult of Mac gives you some app and tracking tips to help you with new muscle gains. You’ll read about ways you can use your Apple Watch to track nutrition, drive muscle overload and track your progress, all things you need to do to create muscle hypertrophy.

How Are Your Gains?

How are your gains going? Are you achieving what you want in the time you can spend in the gym. With age, achieving muscle gains gets harder and harder because of hormonal decline. At SDBody, we look at your entire approach to gaining muscle, from diet to exercise to hormonal balance so you can look and feel your best.

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