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Natural Ways to Improve Your Energy

Improved energy

You may feel more sluggish and tired as the years go by. You may also find it harder to function because you are dragging through the day. There are natural ways and habits that may help you raise your energy level. You can also have a professional at SDBody help you monitor your hormone levels to make sure you have the right balance you need to stay energized throughout the day.

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Lose Weight with Hormone Replacement Therapy

lose weight

Many people in San Diego struggle to lose weight. As we age, our bodies undergo natural changes that can affect our quality of life. One of the challenges many of us face is the inability to control or lose weight as we get older. It’s simply a fact of life.

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Losing Sleep? Bioidentical Hormones Could Help

There are different causes of insomnia, but hormonal imbalances are among the big triggers. No wonder sleep disorders become more prevalent in men and women as they progress past menopause. Not only do menopausal women find it hard to fall asleep and stay asleep, but they also spend less time in rapid eye movement sleep…

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Hair Loss in Women

Hair loss doesn’t just affect men. Women frequently suffer from hair loss but you may not be as familiar with hair loss in women because fewer women talk about it. In fact, as many as 20% of women may experience hair loss at some point in their lifetime.

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How Men Can Benefit from BHRT Therapy

BHRT Therapy

Hormones control every process in the body, and even a small imbalance can cause unpleasant symptoms in your everyday life. While often associated with menopause in women, millions of men experience hormone imbalance, including reduced testosterone levels. The effects of testosterone deficiency are wide-ranging and can include weight increase, slow muscle gains, hair loss, weakness,…

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Understanding the Health Benefits of Thyroid Hormone Replacement

  Suffering from thyroid disease means you also have to suffer remembering to take your thyroid medication. Failing to do so can cause serious health complications–increased risk of muscle weakness, insomnia, depression, high blood pressure, low body temperature, elevated cholesterol, and several other painful symptoms. If you are tired of your current medication, you might…

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