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Hormone Replacement Therapy in San Diego

Overview of Hormone Replacement

Everyone eventually suffers from signs and symptoms of aging. Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) could be a solution to some of aging's most nagging problems.

Your body's production of hormones like testosterone, progesterone, estrogen and growth hormones starts to decline around the age of 30 for most people. This can lead to declines in the quality of your life such as weight gain, loss of energy, fitness declines, sexual dysfunction and more.

SDBody is a leader in hormone replacement therapy in San Diego, CA, and could help you regain lost energy and vitality. Our trained physicians take a holistic, custom and preventative approach to hormone replacement to help you craft your fitness, nutrition and life goals with confidence.

Decline in hormone production can affect anyone -- men or women -- but it doesn't have to lead to a decline in your quality of life or peak performance.

Many people in San Diego are turning to SDBody to help the create their best life through personalized hormone replacement, nutrition and fitness plans to look and feel your best.

If you decide to explore hormone replacement therapy, it is very important that you consult with an experienced physician about your symptoms, potential causes and options so that you can be assured of entering into the best treatment for you.

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Get your copy of SDBody's Guide to Hormone Replacement Therapy. In this 24-page report, you will learn all about how to build a holistic, custom and preventative approach to hormone replacement to help you meet your fitness, nutrition and life goals with confidence.


    What you'll learn in this overview:

    • Symptoms of Hormonal Imbalance

    • Causes of Hormone Decline

    • Hormone Decline Risk Factors

    • Hormones and Aging

    • Hormone Replacement for Men and Women

    • Hormone Replacement Diagnosis

    • Hormone Replacement Therapy Options

    • Testosterone

    • Semorelin

    • DHEA

    • Thyroid

    • Estrogen

    • Progesterone

    • Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

    • Hormone Creams

    • Hormone Shots

    • Hormone Pills

    • Make a Plan for Your Best Life

    • What are Your Goals

    • Lose Weight

    • Gain Muscle

    • Improved Energy

    • Better Sleep

    • Improved Sex Life

    • Stronger Erections

    • Beat Depression

    • Control Anxiety

    • Ease Mood Swings

    • Improve Memory

    • What to Expect From Your Doctor in Your First HRT Visit

    • The Importance of a Holistic Approach to HRT

    Symptoms of Hormone Imbalance

    Hormones are chemicals produced in the glands of your body's endocrine system. Hormonal imbalance occurs when there is an excess or surplus of hormones in your bloodstream. Hormones are essential to your body and help regulate many processes that can affect your health, energy, strength, sexual health and mood.

    Because hormones are so critical in regulating your body's many processes, hormonal imbalances can create many frustrating symptoms.

    Symptoms of Hormone Imbalance
    • Weight Gain

    • Lost Muscle

    • Lack of Energy

    • Insomnia

    • Low Sex Drive

    • Erectile Dysfunction

    • Depression

    • Anxiety

    • Mood Swings

    • Memory Loss

    Causes of Hormone Decline

    Causes of Hormone Decline

    Your hormone levels do not always stay steady throughout your lifetime. Many factors come into play for the proper functioning of your endocrine system and the production of normal levels of hormones. The physicians at SDBody can help you determine the most likely causes of hormone decline that could be affecting your metabolism, weight, strength, sexuality and more. Here are some of the most common causes of hormone decline we see in our offices.

    Aging. The most common cause of changes in hormonal balance is simply aging. As we grow older, our body's hormone production begins to fluctuate and decline. Many people are familiar with the effects of menopause on women, as both estrogen and progesterone begin a rapid decline; however, men also feel the effects of hormonal decline as testosterone decreases with age. Some men begin feeling the effects of lowered testosterone as early as 30 years of age.

    Strenuous exercise. Exercise is important to stay healthy and look your best. Sometimes, strenuous exercise can cause the body to shift more energy into activity and repair than into less essential processes. This can result in a decrease in hormone production. With the right approach to hormone replacement therapy, you can be back in the gym and experience some of your greatest gains.

    Poor Diet. The wrong diet can put stress on your body and decrease your production of hormones. Eating the wrong foods, extreme calorie restriction or other diet mistakes can reduce testosterone and estrogen levels. At SDBody, we take a holistic approach to managing your hormone levels including hormone therapy, diet, exercise and other lifestyle choices.

    Medical Conditions. Certain medications, conditions or medical procedures can affect your hormone levels as well. If you are experiencing the symptoms of hormone decline, you should make an appointment with SDBody today to rule out serious conditions.

    Hormone Decline Risk Factors

    • Family History (Heredity)

    • Age

    • Strenuous Exercise

    • Stress

    • Medical Conditions

    • Poor Diet

    Hormones and Aging

    By the time your body reaches 30 years of age, you will probably start wrestling with the effects of agin. There is a clear link between hormones and aging. No matter how carefully you craft your diet and exercise programs or how skillfully you manage your stress levels, aging will eventually take a toll on your hormone production. It is a vicious cycle as decreased hormone production can accelerate many of the problems people associate with aging such as lost strength, weight gain and low energy.

    Many people believe that problems associated with aging are inevitable. That doesn't have to be true for you. SDBody can help you slow down the aging process and even reach performance peaks you never reached when you were younger. Discuss your particular issues with our experts and together we can craft an approach to aging based on the latest scientific and medical advances.

    Hormones and Aging
    Hormone Replacement for Men

    Hormone Replacement for Men

    We're seeing more and more men in San Diego struggle with the effects of declining testosterone and other hormonal balance issues, such as problems in the gym and bedroom, increased belly fat, mood changes, loss of energy and more.

    Many men don't understand that these problems are related to declining levels of DHEA, testosterone, and poor lifestyle choices, so they don't tackle these issues head on. You don't have to settle just because you're growing older.

    SDBody has helped many men regain their confidence and start enjoying life more than ever before. Our hormone specialists can craft a custom hormone replacement and lifestyle plan to get you back to your peak performance.


    Hormone Replacement for Women

    Dealing with menopause is never easy. As your estrogen levels fall, you can start experiencing many uncomfortable symptoms such as hot flashes, vaginal dryness, difficulty sleeping, mood swings, anxiety and more.

    Hormone replacement therapy can be very effective in overcoming menopausal symptoms and regaining your energy and vitality. The physicians at SDBody can help you review your options, such as estrogen, progesterone, sermorelin and even testosterone and weigh the pros and cons of each. After a thorough diagnosis, we'll help you decide on the best combination of hormone replacement and lifestyle changes based on your symptoms and medical history.

    Hormone Replacement for Women

    Hormone Replacement Diagnosis

    The first step in determining if hormone replacement therapy is right for you is to make an appointment with the experts at SDBody. Your appointment will be simple, routine and entirely confidential. To rule out any medical causes, your SDBody physician will conduct a routine physical exam including asking about your medical and family history. Depending on potential diagnoses, we may also perform blood, urine and saliva tests.

    What Are My Hormone Replacement Therapy Options?

    The most important step in exploring your hormone replacement therapy options is to see a physician who understands your needs, approaches your treatment with a holistic philosophy and understands the importance of living with energy and vitality in San Diego. SDBody is a true partner in your quest for your best life.

    The physicians at SDBody understand that there is more at stake with HRT than simply fighting aging. It is important to rule out chronic diseases and other risks associated with hormonal imbalances such as diabetes, high blood pressure, prostate issues, heart disease and more. While most hormone-related symptoms are very treatable, it is important that you see a qualified, board-certified physician in a professional office setting to design the exact right treatment program for you.

    You have many options for hormone replacement therapy in San Diego, but unfortunately many of them take a one-size-fits-all approach that may or may not work for you. Your health and lifestyle are too important to leave to questionable over the counter products and unqualified practitioners who could make your symptoms worse, not better.

    At SDBody, we take a personal interest in your symptoms and goals, customizing each treatment plan for our clients. While hormone replacement therapy is often the cornerstone of our treatment, we also work with you on lifestyle changes that affect your hormones such as carefully designed diet and exercise programs that will help you look and feel your best.

    You can start enjoying your life again with confidence of working with qualified professionals.


    Hormone Replacement Therapy Options

    • Testosterone

    • Semorelin

    • DHEA

    • Thyroid

    • Estrogen

    • Progesterone

    • Hormone Creams

    • Hormone Shots

    • Hormone Pills



    Testosterone is the male sex hormone responsible for reproductive development. It is the essential life source for the male body. After the age of 30, it is common for men to start experiencing a gradual decline in testosterone. Although a decrease in testosterone levels is normal, for some it can occur at an unusually fast rate. When testosterone levels dip, the male body is not going to function at an optimal level. The result is a decrease in sex drive, fatigue, muscle loss, and many other symptoms.

    Women also benefit from Testosterone. For both men and women, Testosterone is largely responsible for the energy and motivation you once felt in your young adult life. It increases sex drive, helps build muscle, and even keeps your energy levels high. Unfortunately, with age comes the decline of testosterone.


    Sermorelin stimulates your pituitary gland to release human growth hormone (HGH). In a matter of months of beginning treatment with Sermorelin, SDBody clients report many benefits such as better sleep, more productive exercise sessions, weight loss, muscles gain, tighter skin, higher sexual performance. Some have even reported stronger hair growth and faster healing.

    Sermorelin therapy is gaining popularity in San Diego as an approach to fight aging that is both more cost effective and a more natural approach than directly injecting HGH. With Sermorelin, your body increases it's own production of HGH which is safe and gradual, based on your own body's natural processes.

    Semorelin Injection


    DHEA is an abundant hormone that is naturally produced in the adrenal gland. Without it, the body is unable to create other necessary hormones like testosterone and estrogen. Also, it has the ability to keep your hormones functioning and balanced.

    Natural levels of DHEA commonly peak during adulthood and slowly decline with age. Due to the advancements in the medical world, a synthetic version has been made available to help patients with irregular DHEA levels. This version of DHEA is recognized as an anti-aging therapy that also helps fight illness and improve physical performance.


    Two thyroid hormones are produced by the thyroid gland. These hormones influence many of the metabolic processes in your body. Thyroid issues can leave you feeling less than your best. If you experience an increase in weight, sweating, loss of energy, mood swings or a swelling in your neck, you could be needlessly suffering from a very treatable thyroid problem.



    Estrogen is the hormone uniquely responsible for sexual and reproductive development in women. Along with progesterone, it is one of the most important hormones in the female body. These hormones impact a woman’s reproductive system, the skeletal structure, and even the liver and heart. All females are susceptible to low estrogen. As women move closer to menopause, however, estrogen levels acutely decrease resulting in a wide range of bothersome symptoms as well as aging.


    Progesterone is a sex hormone involved in many processes throughout the body.  One of the main purposes for progesterone is to act as a moderator for estrogen. It does so by controlling and balancing the actions of estrogen as well as ensuring healthy cell growth. A decline in progesterone is usually a result of aging and can have many negative effects on a woman’s health.

    Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

    Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

    It is important to achieve the right balance in your approach to hormone replacement therapy (HRT). HRT uses hormones like the ones listed above to help you treat the symptoms associated with hormone imbalance. At SDBody, we also take a holistic approach to your entire life combining lifestyle design, diet, exercise and other approaches with custom designed hormone replacement therapies.

    Hormone replacement therapy is not just for menopausal women or those of advanced age. Many of our client in San Diego expect to live their best lives full of energy strength and benefit from the many positive effects of HRT such as weight loss, strength gains and higher life quality.

    In your specific plan for HRT, hormones may be prescribed in several different forms for both men and women including pills, patches, and injections. 

    Hormone Creams

    Hormone creams and gels are a convenient way to deliver hormones to your blood stream via skin absorption. Many people appreciate the convenience of applying a cream rather than taking pills or injections; however, if your particular hormone replacement therapy plan calls for a higher dose, creams may not be the right fit for you. Absorption is more gentle when using a cream and higher dosages may be better delivered through pills and injections.

    Closeup shot of hands applying moisturizer. Beauty woman holding a glass jar of skin cream. Shallow depth of field with focus on moisturizer.

    Hormone Shots

    One of the most common forms of hormone treatment is hormone shots or injections. Certain hormones and dosage levels work better with injections than with pills or creams. Some hormones can be affected through digestion or skin absorption, making injection the most viable option for effective hormone delivery to the bloodstream. Injections can be performed by your physician at SDBody or self-administered. As with all hormone replacement therapies, it is important to set up a regular series of appointments with your physician to monitor your health and progress and make adjustments to your treatment plan as necessary.

    Hormone Pills

    As with hormone injections, hormone pills allow your doctor at SDBody to deliver the exact dose as prescribed. Your SDBody physician will work with you to create the exact dose that is required for your particular symptoms and goals. Pills also make it easy for your doctor to work with you in varying your doses if needed and are a convenient way to deliver higher doses of hormones than through hormone creams.

    Our clients have reported much success through hormone pills and appreciate the ease of consistent dosing and compliance with their treatment plan.


    Make a Plan For Your Best Life

    Hormones have an enormous influence on your health, happiness and quality of life. While hormone replacement therapy can be critical as you age, hormone balance is the key to getting the most out of life at any age. Hormones help you stay healthy, avoid disease and maintain your vitality throughout your entire lifecycle.

    SDBody can help you craft more than just a hormone replacement therapy plan -- we can help you craft a plan to achieve your best life possible.

    Here are just a few of the goals we've helped our San Diego clients achieve:

    What Are Your Goals?

    • Lose Weight

    • Gain Muscle

    • Improved Energy

    • Better Sleep

    • Improved Sex Life

    • Stronger Erections

    • Beat Depression

    • Control Anxiety

    • Ease Mood Swings

    • Improve Memory

    Lose Weight

    A question we hear a lot is, "I'm dieting and exercising regularly, why am I not losing weight?" Maybe you're trying harder than ever in the gym and in the kitchen and have suddenly stopped seeing the results you once enjoyed. What you may not realize is that your hormones must be in balance in your body to achieve healthy weight.

    Weight loss becomes more difficult as you age. The right balance of hormones regulate the If you've been struggling to lose weight your hormones may be to blame. Hormone balance can help you lose weight, reduce abdominal fat and have more energy in the gym.

    lose weight
    gain muscle

    Gain Muscle

    Aging causes declines in muscle gains, sometimes affecting people as young as in their 20s. If you're struggling in the gym to realize the same gains you once had, hormone decline may be to blame. At SDBody, we look at your entire approach to fitness. We'll take a look at hormone levels, diet, supplements, exercise and sleep patterns to help you design a custom plan to build muscle and look your best on San Diego's world renowned beaches. You work hard in the gym, don't let age hold back your progress, fitness and physique.

    Improved Energy

    Both men and women can experience energy loss with hormone changes. Unfortunately, a lack of energy can set off any number of negative chain reactions as well -- poor performance in the gym and in the bedroom, lack of effectiveness at work or school, depression and just an inability to do the things you love doing. SDBody can give you new hope and increase your energy levels through hormone replacement therapy to help you return to the activities you've enjoyed your whole life and maintain progress and motivation at work and at play.

    Improved energy
    Better Sleep

    Better Sleep

    When you think about getting a good night's sleep, you may not immediately think of hormones. Sleep and hormones are deeply interconnected. Your body produces hormones during restful sleep so that we can have optimal energy, immunity and natural drive. Yet, changes in hormone levels can affect our ability to sleep. If you are experiencing symptoms of sleep disorder, difficulty falling and staying asleep and find yourself always tired when you wake up, SDBody can help you determine if hormone replacement therapy can get your sleep patterns back on track.

    Improved Sex Life

    Hormones influence your sexual function and levels of desire. At SDBody, we've seen our clients improve their sexual drive and ability through hormone replacement therapy. We have a lot of experience helping people in San Diego overcome their hormone-related sexual dysfunctions that many people dismiss as simply typical signs of aging.

    improved sex life
    stronger erections

    Stronger Erections

    Erectile dysfunction (ED) can be uncomfortable to talk about. That's why so many men suffer in silence without seeking the best treatment for ED. Some men have turned to ED medicines like Viagra, which only help with blood flow and do not treat the underlying hormonal causes of ED. ED can be caused by hormonal imbalance and hormone replacement therapy can help you correct ED at the source. Healthy levels of hormones help the male body to function at its highest with increased muscle, strength, energy and stronger erections.

    Beat Depression

    Many people are unaware of the link between hormones and depression. If you've tried taking medications but are still unsuccessful at beating depression, it's time to take a look at your hormone levels. Stop blaming yourself for depression and take advantage of the best medical science has to offer. It's important to work with a qualified physician when balancing your hormones to beat depression. Your doctor at SDBody will perform a careful diagnosis including blood test to put you back on track toward a happier, fuller and more energetic life.

    beat depression
    Control Anxiety

    Control Anxiety

    Anxiety is a very real psychological disorder that affects many people. Some people are more susceptible to anxiety than others and your current physical health can play a role in how anxiety manifests itself in your life. Some anxiety medications attempt to treat the symptoms of anxiety when hormonal imbalance could causing your anxiety and depression. Because hormones play such an important role in the development of anxiety, many people with anxiety feel that their symptoms continue to increase as they age. SDBody can create a custom hormone replacement plan for you that can reduce your anxiety and improve your quality of life.

    Ease Mood Swings

    Hormones play a very important role in the regulation of your moods. Estrogen levels can affect neurotransmitters in your brain, like serotonin, which can lead to depression, anxiety and sleeping problems. Progesterone can have a calming affect in its interactions with the GABA receptors in your brain, which can relieve mood swings and irritability. Testosterone can affect your sense of well-being and self-confidence.

    If you feel like your moods are taking you on a constant roller coaster ride, it may be time to explore hormone replacement therapy.

    Improved Memory

    Improved Memory

    Have you noticed that you're easily distracted, have trouble remembering names and events or have started forgetting appointments and important dates? Memory problems are one of the most common complaints associated with age related hormone imbalances. Your hormones have a direct link to the parts of your brain that control memory. Several studies have shown that hormone therapy can positively influence both memory and overall brain activity.

    What to Expect from Your Doctor in Your First Hormone Replacement Therapy Visit

    Meeting with the physicians at SDBody can give you the confidence and control you deserve in tackling your hormone issues.

    It can be helpful to prepare for your first appointment in the following ways:

    • Make a list of the symptoms you have, when you experience them and how severe they are.
    • Come with a list of any medications or supplements you are currently taking and how often you take them.
    • Be prepared to discuss lifestyle issues such as diet and exercise regimes.
    • Come prepared with a notepad and a list of any other questions you might have about hormone replacement therapy.

    Your doctor will then conduct a physical examination and perform some tests including blood, saliva and urine tests to assess your current hormone levels and to run out underlying medical conditions.

    After your examination, your doctor will offer a diagnosis and discuss various treatment options with you. SDBody is your partner in helping you craft your best life and your doctor will work together to find the most effective treatment plan.

    The Importance of a Holistic Approach to Hormone Therapy

    The Importance of a Holistic Approach to Hormone Therapy

    At SDBody, we take a holistic approach to hormone therapy. Our doctors see themselves as real partners for your best life. Unlike other clinics in San Diego or online, we don't simply dispense hormone shots. We work with you in all areas including hormone replacement therapy, lifestyle changes, diet, exercise, stress reduction and more so that your body is working in harmony to help you regain the energy, strength and happiness you had before you experienced hormone decline.

    We will work with you to create a perfectly timed series of treatments, both inside and outside our offices, to maximize your success.

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