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How Men Can Benefit from BHRT Therapy

Hormones control every process in the body, and even a small imbalance can cause unpleasant symptoms in your everyday life. While often associated with menopause in women, millions of men experience hormone imbalance, including reduced testosterone levels. The effects of testosterone deficiency are wide-ranging and can include weight increase, slow muscle gains, hair loss, weakness, memory loss, fatigue, disease, and even reduced libido.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is a hormonal treatment that can help with testosterone deficiency. It is individualized for each patient, mirroring the hormones that need to return to normal levels. In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of BHRT therapy.


Youthful Feelings

After BHRT therapy, many patients record that they feel like they have reversed the sands of time and have returned to their youth. They report higher energy levels, greater ability to control their weight, increased focus and memory, and increased ability to gain muscle mass.

For those who feel increasingly sluggish as they age and lose motivation to exercise, there may be an underlying culprit like a hormone deficiency. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can improve quality of life and help make everyday tasks easier to accomplish with renewed youthful energy.


Healthier Outlook

Hormone deficiencies are associated with higher risks for a myriad of health issues. Included in that myriad is osteoporosis, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, anxiety, infertility, and cardiovascular disease. By correcting an imbalance early (when you begin experiencing symptoms), patients can experience a better health prognosis.

Being aware that these symptoms may have a deeper cause is the first step in having a fruitful conversation with your physician. If you experience a change in your health or well-being that’s disconcerting, it’s important to bring these changes to the attention of your physician. It’s also good to ask whether a hormone imbalance may be a contributing factor to how you’re feeling. Sometimes these symptoms can simply be chalked up to aging, but it’s important to make sure that you’ve covered all your bases–including hormonal levels.


Natural Therapy

BHRT therapy is particularly effective because the compounds used are bioidentical to those found in humans. The plant-based chemicals in hormone replacement therapy are structurally the same as hormones in our body and the body processes them just like they would process and metabolize naturally-produced hormones. This is why BHRT therapy is so much more effective than synthetic hormones, which tend to have negative side effects.


Individualized Treatment

Whether you’re experiencing some or all of the aforementioned symptoms, it’s important to regularly see a healthcare professional and understand the underlying causes of these symtpoms. SDBody in San Diego has a team of specialists and doctors that are experts in identifying hormone imbalances and creating individualized treatment plans. Each BHRT treatment is specifically tailored to the patient’s needs and is based on comprehensive testing of hormone levels.

It’s not always just testosterone that’s to blame for any health concerns men may be facing. It’s important to have a team on your side that fully understands each hormone’s role in your body so that they can help you determine your treatment options. Our goal at SDBody in San Diego is to help you reach your goals for fitness, weight, and health by using the most cutting-edge methods available.


For a full consultation and to see what kind of BHRT therapy might be right for you, contact us today.

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