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4 Benefits of Pellet Therapy That May Change your Perspective

Getting older has both benefits and drawbacks. It’s a natural process after all. You will become wiser and more patient as you age, but your body will begin to slow down after you enter your 30’s. For many people, the physical decline into old age happens rapidly, leaving them weak and low-energy for most of the day by the time they are just 50 years old.

This doesn’t have to be the case, however. As it turns out, your hormones play a huge factor in the overall health and energy levels of your body. You make less and less of the important hormones like testosterone and others that keep you full of vitality and youth.

The way to get around this is by undergoing hormone replacement therapy. Pellet therapy is one method of HRT that has been increasing in popularity lately, and it’s not hard to see why. If you’re unsure about trying pellet therapy, here are 4 reasons you should reconsider.

pellet therapy


1. Hormone Pellet Insertion is a Very Quick Process

The BHRT pellets are inserted subcutaneously in either the buttock or the hips. These pellets are bio-identical hormones, meaning they match the hormones your own body makes, and will then dissolve over time into your body. While they dissolve, they release whatever hormone you lack into your bloodstream.


2. Hormone Pellet Therapy is Cheap

Although most insurance providers may not cover this procedure, it doesn’t matter because the process is cheap, and only needs to be done twice or three times per year. The cost is typically around $400 for women and $800 for men, a reasonable price for a procedure that will enhance the quality of life noticeably.


3. It’s Long Lasting

Unlike other methods of hormone replacement, pellet therapy is very long lasting. Its longevity is due to hormones stored in large quantities within the pellets, and they are designed to release over time slowly. A typical procedure will last the patient for up to 4 months.

pellet therapy


4. You, Will, Get Your Life Back

This procedure will give you back all the energy and vitality you felt like you have been missing since you were young. You won’t have to take multiple naps throughout the day, come home from work feeling drained, go to bed at 8 pm anymore. You can enjoy the things you enjoyed doing while you were younger, like running after your dog in the backyard or taking your favorite trail through the woods.

Your sex drive will improve, as will your mental clarity and your physical strength. These positive symptoms are how your body is supposed to feel when all cylinders are firing.

Getting older doesn’t mean you have to get weaker and slower as well. A proper pellet hormone replacement procedure should have you feeling right as rain in as little as 2 to 3 days.


There is No Price Too High for Your Life

Pellet therapy might seem expensive upfront, but when you take into consideration that you’ll only need to get it 3 times a year, it’s a small price to pay for getting your life back.

If you want to go through the day and feel as jubilant as you did in your 20’s, or you want to have the energy to go to work and come home to play with your kids without falling asleep, you should consider visiting a Hormone Specialist and asking them about testosterone and Sermorelin replacement therapy.

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